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Advantages of Eco Friendly Pest Control

























Pests are a part of our daily living and thus the issue of pest control cannot be ignored. There are many ways of controlling or extinguishing pests most people prefer the use of pesticides or just calling in an exterminator to do the job. There are so many issues that arise from using chemical pesticides such as water, air and soil pollution. However, more and more people are embracing the use of eco friendly pest control they include ladybirds, dragonflies among others since they have become more conscious of its benefits. They include ladybirds, dragonflies among others.


Cost effective

It is really expensive to buy chemical pesticides but this is not the case when you opt for the biological pest control methods. This is because you do not need to purchase insects so as to bring to your home or even if you may be required to buy, it would not be as expensive as buying chemical pesticides or hiring an exterminator.


Environment friendly

One of the major disadvantages of using chemical pest control methods of is the fact that they are harmful to the environment and may cause diseases to both human beings and animals. Organic pest control methods on the other hand are perfectly safe to use around your home and you can be guaranteed that you will not be affected in any way.



Most people are afraid that organic pest control methods do not work as well as the chemical ones. However this fear has no basis since organic pest control is just as effective if you are able to identify the correct method from to use for the specific pest. The only issue that may arise when using organic pest control methods is that they may not work as fast as the chemical ones but the advantage here is that you do not have to redo it.


No Disruption of the Food Chain

When chemicals are used, they kill even the useful insects that complete the food chain. Organic pest control methods only take care of the harmful pests while leaving the useful ones. Disruption of the food chain causes more harm to the environment since it leads to some imbalance in the natural order.


There are so many more advantages of using eco friendly pest control methods since some of them actually work to improve the environment compared to chemical ones, which really cause harm and are not as effective. In order to learn more, you can also go to